Don Ecker Is A Moron. The Evidence.

ImageDon Ecker is a moron. He prides himself on being an investigator, but really he’s your run-of-the-mill loudmouthed simpleton endemic to ufology.

No, I’m not talking about the fact that he continues to gloat over “his” discovery of NASA footage showing ice particles and thruster flashes he thinks are UFOs and Star Wars missiles. Nor am I talking about the fact that he undersold UFO Magazine stock, tanking its worth, and subsequently blamed the Birnes for killing “his baby.” Heck, I’m not even talking about the fact that in all his years of investigation he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with abduction research and expose it, or the fact that he to this day pals around with Jacobs shills, or that if he could do it all over again he’d still vote for Bush.

Don’s record for being a moron is extensive and weeds its way into many facets of his life—but I’m not talking about all that. That’s in the past. And this is now. And now what I’m talking about is the fact that someone—who dislikes me or Jeff Ritzmann or both of us or Paratopia—gave him a copy of an old Culture of Contact episode where I did a skit making fun of Zecharia Sitchin. Gave it to him with the intent of riling him up and he took the bait.

If we are to take him at his word, Don now and forever hates me for a comedy sketch. Of course Don’s a moron and so he doesn’t even remember what he’s mad about. He says we tried to get Sitchin on our show and Sitchin refused so I did an impression of him, insulting his just-deceased wife to the point where I deserve to get my greasy fat ass kicked.

My ass is fat. That much is true. The rest? Untrue. Why Don is fantasizing about greasing my plump hiney is another question for another time.

The fact is, Mr. Investigator, Jeff and I were not doing a show together and I never asked Sitchen to be on mine. I’ll get to my criminal offenses in a minute, but first let’s stick to the specifics of Don being a moron. They are these: whoever gave him that comedy sketch had to have known two things: 1.) Don would be stupid enough to take the bait because 2.) Don wouldn’t get the joke. He wouldn’t get what the punchline was. He’d see his friend under attack and fly into a blind rage.

The moron fell into someone’s moron trap. Of course he did. That’s what morons do.

So let me spell this out here for Don and anyone else who cares about nothing. Seinfeld fans, essentially. (Guess whose head that reference is going over. Did you guess Don Ecker’s? WIN.)

One fine day, back in 2008, I asked Zecharia Sitchin if he’d be a guest speaker at the Culture of Contact festival. He left me a voicemail saying no thanks. It is the one-year anniversary of his wife’s death. He couldn’t possibly make it that weekend, which is completely understandable and I was absolutely sympathetic. What monster wouldn’t be?

Plus, the still-grieving man added with a giggle, I made no mention of money, so….

I think that joke writes itself, don’t you?

But no, Don’s a moron and therefore cannot see that greed is the punchline. Sitchin’s own words are the punchline. Me, as the listener on the other end thinking, ‘Wow, that’s completely understandable, it being a tragic anniversary and all… wait a minute, you’d do it for money?!’ IS THE PUNCHLINE.

All Don is capable of reading into that is, “I’d like to punch a line through your face and make a hole in it because I’m a loud-mouthed braggart who doesn’t get things and answers with violence.”

That’s what Don sees.

You know who I owe an apology to for that skit? Jeff Ritzmann. Again. Jeff does a great impression of Zecharia and, knowing how stunned I was by the giggling “no mention of money” response, began leaving me hysterical voicemail messages in that vein. I turned them into a skit and accidentally dragged him down with me. But then who could possibly guess that years later, Moron Don would be given the episode with the express purpose of siccing him on us and he’d fall for it? And years after that?–He’d still be pissed! In fact, so pissed he’d ignore all of our accomplishments and concentrate on a comedy bit that went south for him.

Sorry, Jeff. Again. I humbly and honestly apologize. Again. (See, I’ve said something like this elsewhere when Don initially felt fury like a year ago, but history juuuuust keeps repeating when bitter, emotionally-stunted men can’t think of anything reasonable to bitch about.)

You know who else I need to apologize to for a random act of tasteless comedy? Nobody. Zecharia Sitchin was a public figure and one who I can all but guarantee never heard that skit. He had better things to do than pay attention to me and lament the evils of a comedy roast that would be considered tame by Comedy Central’s standards.

Don, while you’re doing everything in your righteous power to pull back from threatening me AGAIN, why don’t you pull back from publicly threatening the creators of South Park and Team America World Police? I’m certain their comedy has done more to harm your fragile sensibilities than mine.

I’m sure if we look to Don’s past communiqués we’ll find him barking about fighting for freedom and freedom of speech and all that. That’s fine in theory but in practice, Don Ecker wants Don Ecker World. And that world looks strikingly like Idiocracy where people should be beaten for jokes he doesn’t get, for words he finds offensive, or just because he said so.

Wouldn’t that be a wonderful place to live? There used to be a name for that place: Afghanistan.

Alright, folks, there’s your moment of clarity. I’m the bad guy, get it? Don doesn’t want to punch Greer or Webre in the face. Apparently if I’d meant it I’d be safe. But no, I was joking so I’ve broken another cardinal rule of ufology. I must have broken them all by now, right? Let me go down that list real quick:

–attempted humor?—CHECK.

–called out frauds?—CHECK.

–asked deep questions?—CHECK.

–sincerity where that was called for?—CHECK.

–basic and fundamental human intelligence?—CHECK.

–turned down spots on shows for the History Channel & Discovery because I thought they’d be more of the same crap?—CHECK.

–called out sacred cows knowing full well I’d be blacklisted?—CHECK.

–just gave up a third of my already lousy income because I care more about making a quality show than making money?—CHECK.

Yeah. I can see why Don would hate a guy like me. I have a track record of intelligence and giving a shit at my own expense. And—dear god—I have a… a sense of humor. Not a very good one, maybe, but… but it’s there.

Shit. This is so clear to me now. Don Ecker is right. I don’t belong here. Here with humorless morons who will never understand what ethics actually are.


If you’re still gonna bag on someone for jokes made four years ago that you find offensive, leave Jeff out of it. He is innocent. Those were private voicemails I weaved into a public skit. It’s all on me. In fact, I’m even going to leave the comments open so that Don, if he likes, or the same several jealous people whose only job in life is to “get” me can have at it here unabated, if they like. Let’s go, boys and girls—Get to lying! It’s the only trick you ponies have got.

Consider this open forum a final gift from me to you on my way to taking a well-earned break from successfully doing the things you talk about but are incapable of achieving.


That whole blowhard thing?

I can do that too. It does kinda make me feel powerful. I get why so many of you do it. It’s a placeholder for “I’ve got nothing.” And truly, that’s why this place has become a cesspit.

And that’s no joke.


25 thoughts on “Don Ecker Is A Moron. The Evidence.

  1. Man, when I heard that sketch ages ago it was already old news – you had moved on from CoC to Paratopia by then. If he *really* needs to get irrationally angry over harmless things he should at least make an effort to get upset over current events.

  2. The really amazing part of this debacle, is that the very scumbag who brought this skit to Ecker’s attention – some time before had heard the bit and got the point. He loved it. Then once our mutual falling out occurred, this troublemaker decided just as Jeremy said, what would rile up Ecker, and chose to give him the audio.

    This same instigator was aboard the “regression hypnosis is not the tool to use, potentially dangerous, and likely doesn’t represent the true nature of the experience” wagon along with us – until such time as we fell out. Then Budd Hopkins became his “true friend”. It’s obvious to me that this individual will place his allegiances toward whomever will get him the most limelight.

    Did said instigator actually tell Ecker that some time before he thought the skit was hysterical and got the real point? Somehow I doubt that, as he’s made a couple of guest appearances on Ecker’s Dark Matters program in recent months. Both gents are full blown name droppers and completely full of themselves, making sure you know every “accomplishment” over and over while spewing venom with righteous indignation at who they see fit. It’s satisfying in one way. They deserve one another. Both have “left the field” in disgust, one has come back with a net radio show, and the other is always present when there’s someone to verbally smack. My own opinion is both are addicted to attention and conflict. Maybe at some point they’ll do us all a favor and eat each other.

    • Yeah, they’re more than just assholes, they’re sickos. Don Ecker posting a pic of an attack dog to get us and tripping over himself, practically begging readers to attack us physically? All that triggered by us quitting the weekly shows? Really? And folks over there find nothing wrong with that? They think it’s normal and decent behavior? Really? It’s like the zombie apocalypse already happened and nobody let us in on it.

      I think this is what it becomes when people who believe they are “above it all” and “thinking outside the box” merely because they have a strange hobby are actually still sheep flocking together.

  3. Excellent points all around. And that episode of Culture of Contact was one of the funniest ,poignant episodes ever !

    • While I appreciate your brevity I even more so appreciate that this actually doesn’t make sense with the post. (As an aside to God: If you exist, can you please find me a worthy opponent, or is it morons all the way down?)

  4. The Zecharia Sitchin parody segment of that Culture of Contact episode was one of the most hilarious things I’d ever heard in my life, I laughed my ass off listening to it, and I’ve played it back many times, hahaha. XD Yeah, his ridiculous reaction to that segment shows that Don Ecker can be a real dick sometimes, more like Dong Pecker, am I right?

  5. I used to read a blog of Ecker’s a while ago. At one point he claimed to have broken the STS 48 footage that anyone involved in Ufo research is well aware of. Jeff Ritzmann called him on it in a much more polite way than I would have. The real man who obtained the video footage and presented it to ufology was Donald Ratsch. Don quickly admitted this after the fact, and claimed to always credit Ratsch. One wonders why he didn’t this time until Jeff called it. I’ve found Ecker to be one desperate celebrity wannabe. He’s quick to tell you about his low level entertainment business contacts like they’re major players. He’s also very quick to show you all his photos with d list celebrities. A blowhard. Thats about all there is to say here.

  6. I’ve known Don for years and he is a great guy. He got out of UFO research because of all the lunatics, name-callers and in-fighting as opposed to the answer getting. Sitchin was a good friend of Don’s so I can understand his lack of delight at your amusement. Don broke the STS-48 footage to Larry King – that’s what he means by “broke the story”. I and Dwight Schultz were with him when it all went down back in the day. I was also with him and Bill Birnes at a Xmas party some years back, eventually they had a parting of the ways but it wasn’t a Bill and Don issue. UFO mag never did more than 28K in circulation so I have no idea what you are talking about regarding “underselling shares”? It was, and never will be a money maker. I produced a couple shows with Don on them and he is an incredible wealth of knowledge and a terrific radio host (he just appeared on Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy show in fact). I have no idea who you are, but as I was preparing to book him on another show I came across this unfortunate blog authored by someone who apparently has some hurt feelings or is extremely sensitive for some unimportant reason. For the record, Don is dubious re: alien abductions. He also served 3 tours of duty in Vietnam, lost his leg as a SWAT team member and also lost his son at an early age. I would hesitate to disparage another human being before you actually get to know them. He is an extremely cool person, with a huge barreling laugh and I probably owe him a few phone calls.

  7. You are simply the one that sounds like a cry baby. Get over it for god sake.
    Until you have been up in negative gravity keep your comments to what you have experience with.

    You are another want to be that has to speculate rather than have the experience or talk to a crew member that had been up.

  8. Um, Don seems to hold long-term grudges and it does almost seem like he himself doesn’t always remember why he’s angry at person X. It’s sort of strange to hear him going off on Bill Cooper on a regular basis more than a decade after Cooper died. I enjoy his attacks on Greer, but again, they aren’t really all that on-target, and involve recollections that go back to the 80s. Who cares if Greer was angry at being called a cult leader in 1991, call him a cult leader in 2013, Don! Or Sean David Morton, Don has some allergic reaction to the name, but for some reason doesn’t tell any stories about him, he just goes silent and mumbles, “charlatan.”

    I like Don’s show, but yeah, he seems easy to troll. Those fake vampire people in England really got him riled by calling him a war criminal in Viet Nam or something. One thing he could do is take a more Paracast-like approach and actually get these people on the air on his show, expand his horizons a little bit, get all the cards out on the table and have at it. Though the Paracast usually fails at that, and then it’s all like, yeah, we sure kicked their ass! the next week, even though they didn’t. Cool story, bros.

    Oh, Moseley is outside honking in some monster black Buick. Gotta run. Keep it fun. Sitchin _was_ making a joke, btw, about his being Jewish. Even though his translations are all bogus and made of whole cloth. Bye.

  9. Just made the mistake of saying don was being a mean a$$hole on the paracast forums. Now I am banned. Oh well he was really being a lunatic and I guess if he’s part of the paracast love tribe then I can do without it. What other shows are out there? I won’t waste time with Don’s “Dork Matters Radio”

    • I don’t listen to anything regularly, so I’m no help. I like Jeff’s show, Paranormal Waypoint. I used to be addicted to Dreamland with Whitley Strieber. Binnall of America, Project Archivist–I suppose it depends on what you’re looking for in a show. Something deep? Something skeptical? Something with variety/entertainment value? Something like Coast? Don’t care–just anything? Whatcha looking to get out of it?

  10. I dont know about any of this Don Ecker stuff. I just stumbled across him today listening to a few of his old shows. I must of ran across him before because I have been a student of ufology for decades, just don’t remember him. He seems like a pretty good radio host to me. Anyway, About STS-48, ice crystals and thruster lights? What are you, Oberg? That has been scientifically disproven 5 different ways by Kasher and others. It is a fact that it is not ice crystals or the thruster firing. Be butt hurt about Ecker all you want, I have no interest in the whiny bickering that goes on in Ufology. But don’t try and shove in false disproven claims to do it. It just makes you look like even more a whiny crybaby

  11. “He prides himself on being an investigator” Apparently not on safe handling of a firearm nor of the effects of buckshot on a human limb.

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