What’s Rick Baker Doing In This?

One of my favorite pieces of ufological garbage. It’s time well-spent on a puppet. Seems to be a lot of that going around ufology. My favorite part is the juxtaposition of “expert” Rober O. Dean against Rick Baker. Baker is a special effects god. Dean is… well… not. But Dean is allegedly on the verge of tears over this thing Baker states flatly is a puppet.

Huh. Whose opinion to choose? Oh, I know… MY EYES.

Do they need Rick Baker to tell us it’s a puppet? I guess Dean does. The narrator says something about Dean watching this and weighing it against his firsthand experience. Experience of what? Ambiguous notes like these on shows like this confuse people as to what Robert O. Dean’s claims actually are. He’s not a ufolgist as far as I know. He’s not an experiencer as far as I know. He’s a guy who claims to have stumbled into “Cosmic Top Secret” documents while working at the U.N. Because… you know… they just leave those things lying around.

The ironic thing is he’s the main suspect for the anonymous dude cloaked in shadow who brought forth this puppet tape in the first place. And there he is telling the world it’s real and trying like hell to whip up an emotion about it. Is he the shadow man? Who cares?


When arguments about a puppet reach beyond the puppet, they have gone a step too far.

You could throw a hardened stick of shit in the air, take a photo, and call it a cigar-shaped UFO. You’d have adults arguing over what it is for years. Y-E-A-R-S. Adults. Think about that.


2 thoughts on “What’s Rick Baker Doing In This?

  1. Dean has in fact claimed to be an experiencer, although late in his “career”.

    Dean also claims, I believe, to have had a near death experience. While I find him to be completely full of shit, the real hallmark of nonsense on this is Sean Morton’s mug being the first seen. That in and of itself is enough for me to write it off.

    • Geez, I just can’t keep up with this guy. He is also saying Jesus was “part of that program.” So an alien or in cahoots with aliens.

      The interviewer calls him a hero in many people’s eyes. I think she just gave away yet another motive to do what Dean does. It’s not always about making money or just having the spotlight. As exemplified by Jacobs, these folks want to be the hero of their own tale. It wold be fascinating if it weren’t so frustrating.

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