The Differences In How We Use Language Confuse Everything

Allow me to expand on a point made during last night’s Paratopia Live. Or don’t allow me–I’m going to do it anyway it’s just whether you read it or not that’s the thing.

If I may quote somebody great… and here I’m also talking about me… On page 7 of Urgency. I write,

Take, for example, the classic instruction from Vietnamese Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh to “Do the dishes to do the dishes.” What a wonderful reminder to be in the moment. Problem is, he’s the guy in the moment saying it because that’s how guys in the moment think and you’re the one interpreting it as a reminder to be what you’re not: in the moment. For him it is a natural extension of himself to say such things. For you it creates friction because you want to be that and aren’t. The reminder reminds you to repress the frantic creature of time that you are and pay attention to the now as an exercise.

This is the unacknowledged breakdown in communication between the self-centered and one who has transcended that. When we brainiacs hear things like “Give up the search” or “Be in the now” we translate them as “Throw your hands up and quit.” That’s not what it means. Surrender isn’t an action, it’s a state. It’s the state that becomes one who understands. We treat it like it’s an action, something you have to do, but that is wrong. There is nothing to do except understand.

So what’s understanding? Understanding about what?

Understanding here means spontaneously realizing the epiphany deep down in the core of you that you will never know what you are.

“Who am I?”

That ultimate question has a very simple answer, only you can’t live to hear it. You have to die to hear it. Realizing that no base of knowledge will ever answer it–really getting why that is–affects the brain. When the brain spontaneously understands that it will not find an answer with the seeker it is projecting, it shuts off the projector and the seeker dissolves.

The brain is the core of you. The brain projects you. Want to move to the heart like Tiokasin Ghosthorse talks about? You can’t if you’re a brain person. But if you understand that, the very understanding of it dissolves the brain person and in his/her wake comes alive the heart person. In other words, there is no moving involved. You don’t migrate from brain to heart. One dissolves and the other comes alive and it is that person who knows who s/he is.

It is simple in concept, but in execution it doesn’t often go so well. In fact, even if you comprehend this, odds are you will wait for an effect and when one is not forthcoming you will disregard these words as either nonsense or something that isn’t universal–something that applies to only special people. Alternatively, you may comprehend the words and then claim to have already made that change and be a special person. Those are both still running from the fact.

Now, when one has the deep epiphany everything else flows into place. There is no action that you take because you don’t exist anymore. That brain person in charge, making decisions, grinding against the world to eek out a substantial existence? That person is now dead, remember? The heart person has come alive. Heart person has some of the same characteristics. In fact, to the outside world, heart person could cleverly disguise him/herself in the mask of the dead brain person and you’d never know what lies beneath the surface.

It’s not for you to know. It’s for you to become.

The unfortunate thing is that many people who live from the heart really want to help you transcend to that place, too, but they can’t. Some know this; some don’t. I think it hurts not helps brainiacs when they’re told things like, “Breathe this way. Meditate that way.” There will be effects to be sure, but the ultimate effect doesn’t come from those things, those things come from the ultimate effect. Anything less is… well… less.

We don’t have time for less anymore. Enough fucking around.

Sooner or later you have to stop reading words like these and ponder. Stop arguing over what some little phrase means or throwing a cynical jab. Stop saying, “Yeah, that sounds like ____” and stop–just stop, okay? That’s it. Just stop.

You have to be with yourself silently. Silently means you ask questions to no one, just ask them, without an expected answer and then you listen for the epiphany. The epiphany comes from deep within you because you want to get out of your own trap. Heart person wants out. But you have to listen with the intent to listen because if you don’t–if you teeter on the balance beam–you fall right back into brain answers. That version is the dominant you and that version wants to remain so.

If you ask in silence and have the ah-ha moment in silence, you will be silence. You will be in the now.In fact, you will be no more. Silence will have replaced you and time. And in that roaring flow of bliss (Oh, silence roars–You didn’t know?) comes a new and wonderful person.

But then I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know deep inside. In prison. I cannot teach you anything here because the mechanics, no matter how correctly-worded, get in the way. They become the thing you do to not dissolve. All I’m doing is whispering between the bars of the jail. Don’t even pay attention to me.

Don’t tell me I’m wrong.

Don’t tell me I’m right.

Do not “like” this post.

Just. Fucking. GET IT.

Then we can go exploring the mysteries.


13 thoughts on “The Differences In How We Use Language Confuse Everything

  1. Nicely stated. I won’t say it’s wrong or right. I won’t even “Like” it. But I do appreciate it. Words seem to always come up short from the experience, or non-experience. Sounds fairly buddhist in concept…but that’s not even it. Whatever it is.

    • More like Buddhism sounds like it in concept. So does “I am that I am.” And then whatever Mohammed was about. I really should keep up on these thousands-year-old religions.

  2. I read this post last night…and this morning while I was drinking my coffee, and then again a couple of times when I got home. I am still pondering it a bit. I’m a pure brain person I suppose, one who was born post-Watergate/Vietnam and immediately looks for the wizard behind every curtain, the thing pulling the levers. So questioning is about as natural as breathing. As a brain guy, I am looking for the mechanics behind that “I am” experience since I don’t know what else to look for….and in so far as I can see, looking is the last thing we should be doing. More importantly, I want to be able to relate it to the paranormal in its various aspects, which is what brought me to this dance to begin with.

    If Mr. Ghosthorse and his kin have an insight that is inherent to being a heart person–and to my ear it sounds like the paranormal is as common as a housefly in their lives–then I am looking forward to hearing what they have to say.

    I hope my post in the forum didn’t rankle you any–I am notably guilty of several of the things that were mentioned above. I assure you though that my intention was not to be sardonic but to point out a similarity I thought was there. No matter what the old religions have evolved into now (horrible, horrible things), I think they all began with people who were suffering, confused and seeking answers for their existence. That was why I pointed it out. I also think it was a matter of Utilitarianism–ultimately the search for happiness and fufillment. Even that idea though is a framework built around Kant’s questioning and rhetoric, so it might be too confining for this concept. It sounds like it is a matter of faith that the heart transistion will come, and there’s really no searching to be done. As a brain guy, I keep thinking of that wild EKG of yours, and Mr. Ghosthorse’s comments on the magnetic/electrical properties of the heart. That is a concrete concept…much easier on this noodle, and quantifiable.

    I will follow Mr. Townsend’s example and appreciate your comments. I hope you won’t mind engaging some of the audience in so far as questions go–I know I will have them. Maybe I can get my world-weary brain to quiten down a bit.

    Out of curiosity, do you think that someone could immerse themselves in this temporarily, or does it have to be one way or the other? I play a particular type of music that sometimes goes on for a long time–twenty minutes or longer–and when I do there are times when it feels like the top of my head might slide off. I am completely gone and sometimes unaware of how much time has passed, Wonder what an EKG in that state would look like…

    I hope your new partnership bears fruit.

    • I like your questions. At least you dare to ask them. And you can’t fake it, right? So if you’re a question asker, ask them until you’re blue. Then when you sit to rest–BOOM! The answer becomes you. You want to know how this works? It works on irony.

      Can you half-ass it? Yes you can, but only to a point, and you feel the toll because you are aware of what you’re doing.

      Here’s the thing about wanting to see the man behind the curtain pulling the levers: That wasn’t the only moral to the story. The transcendent moral was that home was within Dorothy all along. The path, the trials, the growth… all great things for Dorothy but they had absolutely nothing to do with getting home. Nothing exterior did. That’s the lesson after learning that the Wizard is just a con man: After the con, there is still the real thing. Same with ufology: wipe away the misidentifications, delusions, and cons and you’ve still got Mystery. But no one in their right mind would overlook the cons, the delusions, and the misidentifications to see that. Much easier to call it all BS and move on or subscribe to one of the above and move in.

  3. Here’s my problem. Let’s just say it’s my problem and I haven’t had quite the a-ha moment to realize it’s a meaningless, trivial question.

    The way I’m seeing it, you want to be the dead person (the transcended soul) and the alive person all at the same time. And I get that, I really believe I do. You want it all! But I’m going to make an assertion, just for argument’s sake, that you can’t have it both ways. You’re pretending to yourself that you’ve made a choice to come back (from your “I AM” experience) to bring your message to the world (and how many people now have “woken up” from Urgency exactly?), but the reality is that you’re a human being with a personality, eating food, excreting waste, managing your economic world, socializing, doing a show, writing, aging, making life changes (like moving to Hawaii) with some version(s) of the future in mind, and mailing in your tax forms. All of your outer life exists and can only exist in the time stream, and requires moving your consciousness from the omnipresent timeless now to the time-based world of “what have I learned?” and “what do I want for my future and why?” I don’t think it can be any other way, even if we can grow to where we can hold on to the sense of the infinite while dusting the living room. ICBW.

    You have a theory about ego being, and sorry if I’m putting wrong words in your mouth, the root of all ills and primarily an artifact of what we might call the base-fear arising from self-observing awareness, but A) I’m not convinced the ego is anything more than another flawed theory of mind, and B) it kind of *gives us something interesting to do here*, no? Because I’m pretty sure I once visited at least one level of the dead world, and the overwhelming absence of cause and effect, time, and the complete lack of “possibility” was about the closest thing to Hell I could imagine, and I really don’t believe I was capable of imagining what I experienced. Any soul in that existence would ride the first possible ticket of reincarnation out of there, please trust me.

    Now, fact is that I don’t doubt your I AM experience one bit. I’m also not convinced that experience is possible without having been a living mind at the time and with all of your neurons firing, and I wonder how you feel about that. My point is that I haven’t found, either in your blogs, podcasts, or within Urgency, a realistic model, plan, concept, prediction, what-if, way-forward, or whatever you want to call it for how billions of people on planet earth (or choose whatever number you think is workable) are going to live in your everybody-woke-up post-transcendent world, how they’d live, survive, act, the kinds of things they’d spend their time on, and so forth, or in fact why people would *do* anything at all. And who’s going to fix my refrigerator? I also think you do not strike me as an example of such a transcended being, with all due respect and even though I’m quite sure you’re smart, insightful, completely fascinating to hang out with and a totally good guy. Aha-Yes!

    So I wish I had a really clever closing thought here, but I’m as lost in the questions as I think you and your friends and listeners are. We’re different than most people in that we have some “hey wait a minute!” detachment from everyday bullshit, and I read your stuff and listen to your show because it seems to fit well into my own experiences and my/our sense that we’re here to become something more than this. And let’s face it, what drives our fascination with the paranormal and the apparent presence of aliens is that it all seems somehow related to that becoming, even if it’s not cool to admit it to your scientific peers. But in the end, even if we become the next wonderful evolution of mankind, I predict we’ll still be doing stuff from one moment to the next, changing the oil in the warp drive or whatever, and not just existing blissfully like 2 cells in a womb. And the time-stream viewed *what* of what we’ll be doing will look suspiciously like, *gasp*, PROGRESS! It feels like that’s where we kind of diverge.

      • Hmm, kind of a flip answer to blow off some fundamental questions, but OK. So let me ask a simpler question since you focused on what I supposedly think you think you are: Are you the “heart person” you wrote about above?

      • Bob:

        I’m always in a funny position with posts like yours. I don’t think there’s anything I could write that won’t sound like a copout to you and I’m not about to re-write my book. The reason it will look like a copout is that I don’t see these as fundamental questions. To answer you is to re-contextualize what you wrote and, again, that’s not going to do anything but further anger you. It will inevitably feel like a cheat. I know this from experience.

        Plus, I thought this was my out: “Let’s just say it’s my problem and I haven’t had quite the a-ha moment to realize it’s a meaningless, trivial question.”

        I was going with ya on that! But, I’d be willing to talk to you about it on the show. I’d love to know about your near-death experience and see if we can’t explore this together instead of coming at each other in words, which, again, is how this naturally devolves. You open to that?

        If not, no problem. Certainly, people can read what you’ve posted and what I’ve written/said and draw their own conclusions. That’s how that goes no matter what we say, right?

      • Thanks for your more thoughtful reply. I’m afraid you might be framing this discussion as more contentious and less respectful than it really is, and I suppose that’s the fault of my writing style, or perhaps I’m reading you wrong. I’m not angry (you mentioned “further anger” me), and as long as there is honest dialogue I’m not prone to feeling cheated. And sure, as you say people will always draw their own conclusions.

        If I get a chance to call into the show, I will, if for no other reason fairness, because you put yourself out on the line in the public eye and it could be argued that I’m firing shots from the anonymous sidelines. Sunday nights aren’t usually the best time for me, but we’ll see (when I can catch the show it’s from download.) I have no issue with discussing any of my experiences. The one I alluded to I wouldn’t call “near death” in the usual sense… I was asleep in the middle of the night (about 3 or 4 years ago), but I really felt that I was dead and went somewhere else. Even after I thankfully(!) woke up, which followed a transition, I distinctly felt that I had an experience that was much different than any dream, and like I’d really come back from the some realm of the dead because of how disassociated I felt from normal reality. It was certainly unique for me, that’s for sure, and I’ve had some very odd experiences. I wish it was as awesome and mind-blowingingly positive occurrence as your I AM, although this one did have something of an encouraging ending. As to other odd experiences I’ve had I could probably list dozens, but I can say pretty assuredly that I have had, in my life (back in 1998), THE most ridiculously unlikely, impossible, in-your-face synchronistic event that I have ever heard of, so much so you might not even believe me. So that could be another interesting one, as it also is related to death.

        BTW, any ETA on Paratopia coming back?

      • We haven’t gone anywhere. Is the website not coming up for you? It was down for 2 days last week but it’s been back ever since. Might need to clear your cache.

      • Hey thanks, glad I asked. I did a Ctrl+refresh and it came up. I’m surprised because I thought my Chrome browser checked for new content every time, plus I’ve brought the whole browser up and down a couple of times in the past couple of days and paratopia still appeared to be down. Now I feel behind, will check out ep. 166 tomorrow. May I suggest you post something if you can on so that people who also go there know about the cache problem? I bet I’m not the only one.

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