Alien Disclosure: A Perspective Missed

This Friday Jeff Ritzmann and I welcome Tiokasin Ghosthorse to the Paratopia family. Tiokasin is a personal friend as well as a repeat guest of the show. I won’t spoil the show for you, but it is one of those conversations where every few sentences could be its own episode. The thread I’m yanking on here is from some of those sentences.

That thread?–Disclosure. I don’t think the word was uttered on the show but we most certainly talked about it in terms most of us have not thought of before.

I have repeated myself dizzy since my first radio appearances back in what? 2002? 2003?–that we need to know what a human is before we can ask what an alien is. How can we meet as equals when we’re still a mystery to us? Perhaps some element of a living being always remains a mystery as a lure to further one’s awe but I’m referring more to our collective psycho-spiritual illness or stunted growth than the lure.

We are stuck. And when I say “we” I mean those of us who have veered from the natural path. Veering may have been necessary but now, right now, it’s important to swerve back. The answer to why is look around. Political landscape, environmental landscape, cultural landscape–name the landscape, it’s collapsing right now. And let’s not hide behind distancing words: landscapes are not collapsing in a vacuum, we are collapsing them and we are collapsing with them. It’s all us. When it goes, our self-identity goes. What’s left? Where are we then? Who are we then?


The Lakota say they’ve been in this predicament before. They built a technologically advanced society that lost touch with Mother Earth and paid the price. But the price is a lesson learned and who comes out the other end of that metamorphosis is a deeply spiritual people. So deeply that they don’t call themselves deeply spiritual because the uttering of it makes one not so. Maybe they’d say they come from the heart and rationalists come from the brain. The heart transcends and includes the brain but just try telling that to brain people. They’ve got it all figured out.

Imagine a world where a grub of a self-defeated technologically advanced society gave way to the spiritual butterfly underneath the surface. What would those “new” people look like?  They’d look ancient, wouldn’t they? Primitive? Because they’d be back in tune with Mother Earth.

Now imagine a conquering hero setting boots on their shores for the first time. The conquering hero comes from a people who invent great machines for travel and war. They come from a “might makes right” frame of reference and when they meet a race who don’t even have a concept of sharing because they simply give to all (as taught by Mother Earth who perpetually gives to all), those people look weak. And primitive. And because God is on the hero’s side, they are easily conquered through diseases against which they have no immunity.

What the conquering band of men don’t realize is that they are, as the Kogi refer to us still, “Little Brother.” If the word brother registered with these men they’d definitely think they were Big Brother–but that’s not an issue because clearly they are masters to the primitive slaves, guided by the light of the one true God. Relatives, they are not. Unsurprisingly and not incidentally, that God was made one and true through war, torture, and censorship.

So, the people they’ve swept off the land to steal it? Not primitive. It’s tempting to say they were spiritually advanced but they were not because there is no such thing. Such notions stem from the desires of the conquering mentality who view all aspects of life in terms of hierarchy.

In truth, there is healthful, proportional balance and there is imbalance. Balanced people were destroyed by imbalanced people who were so imbalanced they thought they were not just balanced but advanced.

Advanced isn’t real. It isn’t real in these terms. Cut to aliens….

When the conquering mentality slams its proverbial fist on the just-shy-of-literal table and demands government disclosure about aliens that may or may not exist in the first place, they make a lot more assumptions than just a coverup. They assume that there must be a top-down disclosure of an advanced race of beings from another planet. They further will only trust such a disclosure if it comes from America. America having been the pinnacle of wealth, war, and technological achievement in recent history. When you think hierarchically, you put your faith in the guys at the top even though you despise them for hovering above you. The rational behaving irrationally is the whole of the story. Another word for that is arrogance. Another word for that is narcissism. This is the culture what brung us to the dance.

The problem is, disclosure cannot come from any governmental body, American or otherwise. For one, they don’t want to be knocked off the tip of the hierarchy. For another, they don’t know anything about the intelligence we refer to as alien. They cannot know. They don’t speak the language. The language of advancement–the assumption that aliens represent an “advanced race”–stems from the mental illness we’ve been learning about here. Life is not about advancement through an arrow of time, it’s about health. It’s about wholeness and therefore timelessness. Guess who would be living along these lines and speaking that language… “Advanced” aliens. Guess who else…. “primitive” humans.

And so we come to the dilemma and its solution. We don’t need to grow up, we need to give up. Give up the brain self and transcend into the heart. Heart people speak a different language than brain people. I’ve said we need to understand what a human is but that’s difficult when the human doesn’t speak the language appropriate for such articulation. In fact, Tiokasin says that if we change the way we use language it will affect everything else. It will move us to the heart. He doesn’t just say this, he shows us how.

Try this little experiment and you will see what he means: Stop talking about the earth as if it’s an object. Call her Mother Earth. Just try that. Refer to the ground you walk on, the air you breath, the oceans you swim in as Mother Earth. See if your sense of responsibility and relationship doesn’t immediately change and put a smile on your face.

And for the disclosure crowd, know what the Lakota and Hopi do? They keep a seat open for “alien” visitors who might want to sit in during gatherings. They do this because they know there is no such thing as an alien. The word is an extension of the conquering hierarchical mentality. There are no others, just family.

And sometimes a family member takes a seat with them, but we don’t believe them because they are primitives. They are delusional or making it up as they go along as a means of empowerment because of what we did to them. Hey, someone’s got to lie beneath you on the hierarchy or else what’s the point of living on one?

But what if we have been wrong about everything this whole time because we’re the deluded ones? We’re gun monkeys snarking our way to extinction. We demand a lot of things because we feel entitled but the “officials” we’re yelling at can’t tell us anything. All they can and will do is use our ignorance against us to hide their own secret weapons programs.

Real disclosure won’t come from the hierarchy. It has been told to us, we just can’t hear it because we don’t speak that language. We do often look back on those we’ve destroyed with fondness and reverence and try to convert their selfless languages to our self-centered languages, but it inevitably spills out as a New Age garbled mess. The contactee version of “space brothers” has the suspicious connotation of family but as we’ll explore on Paratopia in coming weeks, that ain’t it. Shared words do not equal shared authenticity.

We want to hold onto ourselves as we try to understand this, not relinquish ourselves to heart. Why would we? We’ve been taught to build not be. To evolve not be. To advance not be.

But maybe, if we tweaked a few words in our language… if we transitioned to the heart… if we left a chair open at the table….


4 thoughts on “Alien Disclosure: A Perspective Missed

  1. Makes a lot of sense, and a good segue-way after just finishing Urgency. Except that it’s fairly clear, if “experiencers” are to be believed and UFOs are real, that the “aliens” *do* have a technology. They have flying machines and magic wands, tricky little boxes, artificial light, anti-gravity and retractable landing gear. The Lakota and Hopi don’t have any of that. Maybe I just haven’t made the big leap of faith, but I’m not too comfortable with humanity just taking up a humble tepees, clay pots, bows-and-arrows role that essentially leaves us more or less aquarium fish for the space brothers to watch swimming around as they please.

    This is not because of a desire on my part for supremacy or some bullshit warrior ethic, but because my hope for humanity, while also embracing a similar philosophy of compassion for all, stewardship of the earth, mental expansiveness, and ecological harmony, is more Star Trek than Dances with Wolves. I’ve said once before in the Paratopia forums that I feel you, Jeremy, have an excessive reverence for Mr. Ghosthorse and his point of view, sort of a cultural “grass is greener” effect, which I think might lead you to throw out the baby with the bathwater. I respect his (and your) integrity and find the discussion interesting (and I very much look forward to listening to this new turn of Paratopia you’ve previewed), but I think what we need is to combine the best of all worlds and create a fusion that could well be greater than the sum of its parts. I don’t get the sense from Tiokasin that he has much use for western culture, science, math, art, and philosophy, and for example isn’t the slightest bit impressed that we’re now close to scientifically understanding how the quantum universe is actually constructed. He’s more stuck on the fact that our rapid over-expansion of technology and careless regard for nature threatens the destruction of the earth, all pretty undeniably true, but it leaves him painting us with one tarry brush. The question still remains, where do we go from here? Tiokasin and perhaps yourself may think you have some obvious answer, but I think there may be much more at stake than just the survival of humanity and the earth. We have not evolved this far merely to survive, to stagnate.

    BTW, the Paratopia site has apparently been shut down today. What’s going on??

    • It’s been shut down, allegedly, due to our bandwidth usage screwing up thousands of others sites–and would we like to switch to the sister company for just a few hundred dollars?

      This is iPage. Tim Binnall got the exact same runaround, including the “thousands of websites” bit from dotEASY – which leads me to believe someone threw a switch in the industry and the scam to make people pay hundreds of dollars per month for the exact same service they’re getting for much less is afoot.

  2. UP YOURS BOB L. just returning your untractable white savior industrial complex of a mind or do you want it snail mailed?

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