Musings From Urgency.

“The only individual is consciousness itself. In the grander sense, then, your not realizing this is a liability to consciousness. Humanity is presently a cancer but the cure is miraculous in that it can happen right now, right this second. In fact, it needs to.”

What genius said that? No, really. Guess. Times up–ME! Aha! Yeeeees!

Every now and then I’m prone to writing Urgency.-like things on the Urgency. facebook page. Thus far it is a small but mighty group. Larger and mightier would be better, so please consider joining:

In the meantime, here are some other musings and bits collecting cobwebs there….

The first step to thinking outside the box is imagining there is a box. Step two is finding a way to be freer than the people you put in it. Step three is realizing you made all that up. Step four is the final one–admitting that you made it all up because that is what YOU does to create the illusion of movement, of advancement, of evolution. That illusion is you.

The nagging sensation that you must “wake up” gets translated into a journey of personal evolvement because to wake up is to not be you. “You” isn’t a person sleeping, it’s the very state of sleep itself.


There’s a confusion I hear over and over again that if the ultimate answer is “everything’s one energy” then there’s no point in asking questions about the paranormal or human consciousness because at the end of the road it’s all a bunch of illusions leading to this oneness. Some may think this is merely a cop out, like saying “We all die in the end, so what does it matter how we live or if we do?” It’s more than that, though. It’s the way we resurrect the old notion that physicality doesn’t matter in the face of real spiritual enlightenment. Matter doesn’t matter, as it were.

But the fact is that all of those separations, those “illusions” are not divorced from oneness. They are its manifestations. They are the forms of formless intelligence. They are NECESSARY illusions. They will exist whether you blow them off verbally or not.

Just saying “we’re all one” has no functional meaning. No meaning because even if it’s deeply true, it’s not true on the surface and the surface is where we spend most of our time breathing. Even if we lived in a world that truly believed this in our heart of hearts, there would be a great outdoors of animals and insects ready to not care about that truth. There would be processes in physics and in nature indifferent to our perspective. There might even be other sentient beings who challenge the notion the way… well… most of humanity currently does.

Examination is important. It’s all important because in the stasis of “everything is oneness” is the everything part, which is not static. It’s alive and evolving because that’s what it does–that’s what you do, the majority of your self that comprises this illusion.

Oneness is yes and no at the same time. It’s thing and nothing in the same instance. Sure, we have to dissolve the things that comprise us to become nothing, but that’s a means to understand through experience the deeper aspect that is also us–not the deeper aspect that makes the rest of us, and therefore our actions, irrelevant.


I’m watching a documentary about an Indian guru with thousands of starry-eyed, adoring followers. There’s a scene where they party with an elephant. Sacred beast, the elephant… and I’m thinking, If the elephant or any animal was truly sacred to you, you’d never dress it up and take it out. You’d never have stolen it from the forest in the first place. You don’t love the elephant, you love the image you’ve built about it and you selfishly steal it to smile at it. You do the same with your followers. It’s all self-gratification in disguise.

One could argue that this is a necessary evil because how else can Truth speak to culture-bound people except through the trappings of their culture? But then the question becomes–For how many more thousands of years do we hold onto that excuse? At what point do “enlightened” people foster transcendence of culture instead of infiltrating it to bring people temporary hope and joy dependent upon them?

And why are we waiting for the “enlightened” people to make that decision in the first place?

It’s time to put the hard questions to ourselves. The questions come in the ah-ha epiphany of silence. The moment between thoughts, not from thinking itself. Ruminating tuckers you out and in that split second of rest, you remember where your car keys are. The same mechanics apply to epiphanies and deep questions.


There are 3 main reasons people talk about spiritual transformation: 1.) To make money (power/control disfunction) 2.) To have something you don’t (power/control disfunction) 3.) Because it’s real.

That the third option is least prevalent doesn’t mean it’s not true. It just means it’s rarer than the first two. The first two are life. The third is death. Seen this way, it’s not a wonder why we stay away from transformation even to the extent that we’ll delude ourselves into believing we’ve achieved it, right? We want to live. We want to KNOW. Physical death is the unknown. This psycho-spiritual death is worse–it’s unknowable.

You want oneness because you “know” that underneath all these appearances is that, but you can’t get there because you ARE one of those appearances. And you are also divided internally. Conscious/unconscious. Thinker/thoughts. Emotions. That song running through your head. Where did I leave my car keys? She’s got a hot ass. I’m bored. When’s this gonna end? What’s on TV tonight?–All of that fractured thought process happens in the blink of an eye inside you. It’s no wonder we have such a problem with this.

The problem isn’t ours to solve. We are the problem. Those people gazing at the problem and offering remedies are taking the wrong action. The separate, fractured entity cannot be oneness even if it exists embedded within one fabric. Can’t get to that identity. Again, that is death. Easier to just pretend and get offended when people call you on it.


Why do we seek transcendence via a spiritual journey that will not take us there? It’s this: Home calls to you in whatever way that it does. Perhaps you feel something’s not right in the world, humanity is living in a delusional state–even if you can’t put your finger on what that means.

Or perhaps you feel this fleeting love, this indescribable connection to the environment and people, even your enemy, and you want that. You want that person you fleetingly are to be permanently you.

However the call comes, you yearn for it. In the word “yearn” is the implication of seeking. Right? Something calls your name and you search for the voice. This is natural 1+1 stuff for the brain. The brain’s natural reactions are to search for the voice or ignore it, block it out. The action the brain is least likely to take is no action. Just listening to the voice is antithetical to what the brain normally does, which is solve things or pretend to so that it can carry on.

If the brain decides to look for the voice it may find all sorts of things because there is a psycho-spiritual ecology akin to physical ecology. But the thing that transcends and includes both ecologies is what’s calling and so you cannot get there through a physical or a psycho-spiritual journey. Correct? See how this isn’t me saying “This is so” this is all by definition so.

SO, while it is completely natural for you to seek that which calls, it’s the wrong action to take. Listen to the voice. The voice is you. If the voice is you, then who is listening?

When the brain listens without you, “you” becomes that which is heard. That transcendent voice becomes “you” in the absence of the seeker. You were the first and final barrier the entire time.

This is death. Merely typing this has filled me with it because I am reminding myself, as well as you, of this elegant Truth that has eluded us from day one. What a miracle that one understanding of an idea makes you receded and brings bliss to the fore in the body.

It’s crazy the thing we are beneath the turbulence: a smile.


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