The Difference Between Trolls & Critics

I’m not a fan of internet trolls. Who is, right? But there’s the school of thought that says we should allow every asshole on the planet to post whatever they want because they’re just gonna hang themselves anyway. I’m actually sick of engaging them on any level and don’t think they should be afforded space on my site to throw tantrums and spew hate. So, if you’re a troll, I show you the door pretty quickly.

But, if you have a legitimate critique or complaint or even a challenge, well those I’d like to hear. In fact, on Paratopia Jeff and I have an open door policy for anybody who has a dumb schoolyard beef with us or even a fair disagreement to come on the show, state their case, and debate one or both of us. The participant would get all the time s/he’d want and I wouldn’t edit a thing to make the opposition sound like a fool. It doesn’t get fairer than that, does it?

To date only one person has taken us up on the challenge and we handed him his ass. He proved himself a liar during the course of it. And that wasn’t even a debate that was just a turd calling in to the live show.

So, if you leave comments that are insulting and don’t actually say anything? Then, yeah, I will delete them before they see the light of day. You want an internet war, look elsewhere. You want to throw insults at me, go start your own forum for that.

This is a place of peace.

You want to call me a hypocrite about anything I write here? Please do! But don’t preface it with insults and don’t stop at the word “hypocrite.” You have to actually give an example so I know what you’re referring to.


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