Hallucinogens, Projections, and Parallels

Can’t recall if I said any of this on Paratopia, but I’m skimming through a notebook and found these observations regarding my experimental shroom trip and Jeff’s shrouded visitor. It is an unrefined collection of thoughts but I think it’s enough to get the gears of imagination grinding….

When I took shrooms an animalistic clown character superimposed over me physically and mentally. Similarly, a thorny, organic environment superimposed over my apartment. That is how I experienced the trip when walking around the place.

I wonder, if the thorny visage was an actual world blending with mine would a being from there have witnessed that animalistic clown acting funny in an obscure, blocky environment–namely my apartment? Did all of that superimpose over me and my living space or did I superimpose over him and his living space?  After all, I’m the one altering my perception, not the clown person.

… Alternatives … 

Would a creature from that realm not have seen anything but the apartment growing out of the jungle?

Would my apartment look like a UFO or a portal?

Would I look like an alien or a possessive spirit?

Shrooms or no shrooms, does contact with a parallel world necessarily alter you to fit in with that world? Does the parallel world contain a warped mirror image of you? If so, does contact immediately attract you to the mirror version of yourself in that world so that you cannot meet your mirror, you have to become him, her, or it?

If there is a way to remain distinct in a parallel world does it take discipline? In this scenario, if Jeff and his “visitor” are really mirrors of one entity then it would be easier for the shrouded man to superimpose himself over Jeff. However, it seems from what he’s told Jeff that meditation is a key to contact. So, is this being meditating in a way that brings him here and keeps him distinct from Jeff? If so, one can see how this would be difficult to maintain over an extended period, hence his being in a hurry due to time constraints and hence the vocal fluctuations.*

Let’s say Jeff lives in universe 1 and this guy lives in universe 9. Does he have to shoot through his mirror selves in the intervening universes to reach Jeff? In so doing, would he pick up residuals from selves along the line? When Jeff hears vocal fluctuations or sees physical fluctuations, perhaps the message isn’t, “I’m a shapeshifting alien.” The message could be, “I am transmitting through a line of selves in other worlds to reach you and that’s the resulting static.”

In fact, could that not also account for the persistent haunting-like activity in Jeff’s home? It’s all residual information of phenomena picked up through worlds along the way.

In addition to projecting through meditation there could be windows of opportunity to walk between worlds–or more likely be seen as if walking between–when events in parallel worlds line up in exact agreement.

I dunno. Just some thoughts.


* Jeff recalled the shrouded man’s voice veering in and out of several different voices. They weren’t overlapping like a Hollywood version of demonic vocalization. They were blending one to the next to the next.


2 thoughts on “Hallucinogens, Projections, and Parallels

  1. Interesting thoughts Jer.
    It made me think how when western explorers contacted tribes they often destroyed them with germs that the tribes people had no immunity to. Maybe the ‘germs’ Shroudman brings with him are the residual activity that he leaves in Jeffs house with each visit. If he stayed too long or visited too often maybe these ‘germs’ would multiply and cause a ‘veil tear’ or ‘world bleed-through’ that could not be rectified?

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