Travel Log: Out Of The Super Moon And Into The Super Sun

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“Did you see the super moon?” the local man checking my plane ticket asked at the gate.

“No, I missed it,” I said. “Sky was too cloudy where I live.”

“Look now. It’s right over there. It’s not as super as it was a few days ago but it’s still huge.”

Taking Buddha’s advice, I looked where he was pointing instead of at his finger. Sure enough there was a moon. Not just any moon, the moon. And it was super.

I wish I’d taken a snapshot of it with my crappy phone camera but slightly earlier–moments ago, that is–I had been shocked into never using my phone again. Ever. For a few hours. What could have sparked this monumental, if short-lived, protest, you ask? Well, it was seeing in action the very nightmare comedians around the country have been turning into a chuckle: smart phone zombies.

Granted, my phone is…

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Is Someone Pushing Us Into A War With Russia?

“Rusev? – Cruuuuush!”

Forgive me for seeing a conspiracy where there may be none. Even I can’t help but notice that a Malaysian flight was allegedly shot down over the Ukraine by a Russian missile on this, the anniversary of Flight 800.

Those Malaysian flights really get around. But that’s not the part that gets the conspiracy wheels cranking. It’s that plus this from Bloomberg Businessweek, also out today:

How Russian Hackers Stole the Nasdaq

The gist of it is, someone from Russia hacked into NASDAQ in 2010. Whatever they were trying to do failed, ultimately, but if it hadn’t, it could have tanked the economy. (Further? I guess?)

Now, 4 years later, details of the investigation are finally being released. The investigators don’t have enough information to say who was behind it for sure, but the strong suspect is a hacker group from St. Petersburg led by a man named Aleksandr Kalinin. Why them? Because according to the FBI, they were continuously attacking the DAQ from 2007-2010. All signs point to this man.

But who does Michael Riley, author of the Bloomberg piece, point the finger at? The Russian Government. Why? No firm reason given, but in that loose soil, a seed is planted. Of course we cannot say for sure that the seed is planted to the end of a higher conspiracy, but we can’t rule it out just yet because the timing of all this is obviously fishy.

So there’s my seed planted. What say you, commenters? Tin foil hat time or does this reek of a setup for getting America onboard with yet another in an endless stream of wars?

And if you live outside the U.S. – Does it feel as though you’re having seeds planted as well?