Travel Log: The Power of Prophesy Tested


This almost counts as a Paratopia post….

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When last we left our hero (me, thank you very much) he had tempted the Fates and left Hawaii to attend a cousin’s wedding in New Hampshire. Prior to the wedding, he was toiling away in Massachusetts. We now pick up where we left off weeks ago. Toiling away in Massachusetts. Still.


As anyone on the Kona side of the Big Island knows, and as I informed you in a previous blog post, the Original Donkey Balls Store provides an original ground-based early warning system for extreme weather and geological events. It’s this:

donkey ball weather station


What I didn’t tell you, and what I didn’t know until yesterday, is that they also provide a head-in-the-clouds warning system for those who prefer a bit more “early” in their early warning systems. It’s me:

Eye am creepy.

Yes, like a modern day Nostradamus but without the clever, if incomprehensible, quatrains, I have received a sign…

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Travel Log: Out Of The Super Moon And Into The Super Sun

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“Did you see the super moon?” the local man checking my plane ticket asked at the gate.

“No, I missed it,” I said. “Sky was too cloudy where I live.”

“Look now. It’s right over there. It’s not as super as it was a few days ago but it’s still huge.”

Taking Buddha’s advice, I looked where he was pointing instead of at his finger. Sure enough there was a moon. Not just any moon, the moon. And it was super.

I wish I’d taken a snapshot of it with my crappy phone camera but slightly earlier–moments ago, that is–I had been shocked into never using my phone again. Ever. For a few hours. What could have sparked this monumental, if short-lived, protest, you ask? Well, it was seeing in action the very nightmare comedians around the country have been turning into a chuckle: smart phone zombies.

Granted, my phone is…

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