Inception Dialogues: The Best Interview I’ve Ever Given

I haven’t heard it back but it sure felt like the best. Great questions, great conversation. Great host. Check out Bernardo Kastrup’s website and start following his show. I think he’s got a good thing going here.

(For an .m4a version, click HERE and “save link as.” Check out the Inception Dialogues website for iTunes feed and further info.)


Or, for those of you who want the bullet points, here is a ten minute “digest” version….


Jeff and I Reunite This Thursday – GAME ON!

Thursday, March 21st
11pm (EST)/8pm(PST)

It’s The Jeff. It’s The Jer. It’s Jeff’s new show, Paranormal Waypoint. It’s finally happening.

Please listen in, chat in the chat room–and call in ya sissies. Ask that question you’ve always wanted answered.