October Surprise: Whitley Strieber Resurrects Me From The Podcasting Dead


Premieres Oct. 22nd Exclusively unknowncountry.com

Two years ago I left paranormal podcasting behind. I felt like I had nothing left to give and that Jeff and I had done some fairly revolutionary things with Paratopia that we could be proud of. Likewise, we had guests that revolutionized the way we thought about high strangeness phenomena. Now it was over. I’d served my time. I learned what I was going to learn, taught what I had to teach, and that was that. Neither Jeff nor I wanted to do a show for the sake of doing a show, so we called it.

Still, the episodes that stuck with me as a way to pursue this in the future were the listener episodes. Hearing real life encounters from real people with no agenda and exploring them together–that held my interest. I tried branching off into new video territory with the short-lived Paratopia Presents: Talk Story. I thought doing interviews and roundtables via Google Hangouts would be the wave of the future. Perhaps it is, but the technology simply isn’t where I need it to be yet. It was impossible to synch up people from different countries or using different speed modems. And then there’s the problem of it randomly hanging up on me–not good when hosting a show.

That it didn’t work out was fine by me. More time to write and snorkel and play my part in small town Hawaiian living. Plus, there was still a matter of seeing Project Core to its finish. (Almost there. For real this time.)

I’d been asked a number of times over the years when I would be coming back to podcasting or when Jeff and I would resurrect Paratopia. Jeff has moved on to his own show, Paranormal Waypoint. Paratopia lives on in its archive. The idea of doing some specials for that archive with Jeff was appealing,  but beyond that I didn’t see a future for me in this. In fact, last month I was a guest on Project Archivist wherein host/friend Roejen was doing his usual haranguing, telling me I was going to get back into podcasting eventually as if it were a forgone conclusion. But he was wrong. It wasn’t. Until about a week later when friend and Paratopia listener episode alum Joe Gooch messaged me asking if I’d seen this.

This was Whitley Strieber looking for a new half-hour show to fill the open slot left by William Henry. Henry hosted Revelations on Unknowncountry.com quite successfully and was moving on. If anyone could drag me out of podcasting retirement, it would be Whitley Strieber. So, I pitched him an idea. An idea based on the Paratopia listener episodes. An idea that he loved and here it is….


Premiering exclusively at http://www.unknowncountry.com, The Experience is a weekly half-hour program wherein I interview experiencers of all high strangeness phenomena. Anything and everything is on the table. Let’s explore it all: what it means to be an experiencer; what the experience itself may mean beneath its obvious surface. And what is an “experience of high strangeness?” Does it hold at its core a singular intelligence using numerous facades like tools to interact with us, or are we embedded in a much larger ecosystem filled with multiple intelligences and energies that live on the periphery of our senses? Or is something else entirely going on?

Each episode will have a particular theme in mind. Because it’s only a half-hour show, there’s a real learning curve here for me in trying to key in on the important questions to ask. I may have to actually write questions down beforehand!–The horror!

In the inaugural episode I talk to Joe Gooch who not only lit this fuse but also kindly donated the theme song. We get an overview of some of his experiences through the years leading to the question, Are experiencers special?

We often get that question, “Why you?” And we think to ourselves, “Why me?” Who better to ask than a man who was once told by a psychic medium that he himself would one day be a psychic medium so powerful that she’d be coming to him for readings? (And to date, it hasn’t happened!)

The Experience can be heard every Wednesday exclusively at www.unknowncountry.com. It is a show by experiencers, about experiencers, for everybody. For it to succeed I’m going to need your help. If you’ve had a high strangeness, paranormal, ufological, spiritual, by whatever category experience and would like to be a guest, write to me at:

theexperience808 @ gmail.com

All interviews are anonymous unless you’re already a public figure in this, so the pressure is off.

And if you’re not an experiencer but would like to talk about anything you’ve heard on the show, write to me at the same address. Every ten episodes I will be doing a review of details that jumped out at me over the course of the previous nine. This can be a solo show or with anyone from the audience who would like to discuss it.

Really, this is all of our show. That’s something we worked for on Paratopia. It was one of those revolutionary ideas: Hey, what if we gave the show over to the listeners? It may have been an idea ahead of its time a few years ago but it feels right on time now.

On October 22nd it’s time… to hear from you.

Abduction Memory: Why Is It Stored The Way It Is?

DNA-StrandThe problem with “alien abductions” and science is that we are highly unlikely to chance upon an abduction during an fMRI scan. But if it did happen and the subject didn’t disappear thanks to a Star Trek-like transporter, what would we see happening in the brain and would it be enough to know what’s happening with the person? Would it at least be enough to know  how and therefore where the experience is stored?

The general misperception is still that memories are stored in neat little compartments in the brain. But they aren’t. It’s far more fluid than that. Also, it depends on what type of memory we’re talking about. Humans, it turns out, store memory not as neat computer files of factual download, but as relationship. This is why, for instance, you recognize friends and family even if you haven’t seen them in years. Their hair may change, the color of their skin, their clothes, their voices… but the proportions of their faces remain the same, as do key elements of their body language–and you recognize those things.

With memory, we have lot’s of issues to dissect. The issue of long-term and short-term memory. The issue of wake-state and sleep-state. Drug-induced hallucinogenic. We know the body unconsciously stores traumas in it, right? Back problems related to psychological issues; psycho-somatic rashes and temporary blindness; nervous tics. We can consciously program muscle memory through repetition. And then there’s the vastly unexplored territory of the heart. We know we communicate through the heart. Do we store whole or bits of memory there, too?

Hey. Reader. Look up. Do you see a pattern in those paragraphs missing from neuroscience? Memory is “stored” all over the body. We move through time experiencing/remembering. We are not recorders separate from our memories, we are them. Every billionth of a second of the day we become our own past. Our bodies aren’t marked with the stains of time, they are time. Time being told. Full emersion.

Let’s call what we’re talking about above “topical memory.” It’s the short-term memory of the species playing out through individual lifetimes. The pieces that stick and make sense to remember as instinct or reflex–well those get stored in the DNA as long-term memory.

Maybe we can’t figure out where abduction experiences take place or how the memory is stored yet. But maybe we can see why. Maybe they’re drilling into us for the long haul. And maybe what they’re drilling with is the thing that most easily pierces us: fear. Or, here’s a thought, maybe they use fear for most of us but not those who lack it. Here’s something you actually could study with an fMRI: what are the brain differences in those who say they’ve had positive “space brother” experiences and those who have been terrified? Wouldn’t it be ironic if we found that the “space brother” encounters happen to experiencers with psychopathic brain and behavioral traits? (And no, this doesn’t mean such a person is a serial killer. It means we now know there are physical differences, which, if nurtured improperly, tend to lead one down a horror movie path.)

Ultimately, we’re an immature or perhaps broken species until we “mature” by dropping the self-sense–the persona who moves through time pretending to be separate from the body–and allowing our timeless nature to light the vessel. And that’s a tough hill to climb because it involved death of self, which very few of us will undertake before the undertaker comes for the physical thing.

Perhaps whoever the abductors are know this about us. They know we are incapable of relationship as equals but something about that relationship is important to have. And if it doesn’t happen in this generation or the next or the next, perhaps they are sticking around for when we are ready by engraining themselves in us as DNA or cellular memory.

How else does one not from this time stream embed oneself in the stream?

You do it through the time-makers themselves: humans. And you do it through their storage system: relationship. Why you do it doesn’t get revealed to the broken, immature, uncooked individual. That person who spends her life wondering “Why me?” is not even a pawn on the chessboard.

Think about that.

An Alternative To Aliens, Tricksters, and Paranormal Individuation

Exif_JPEG_422That which follows this preamble is rewritten from a private email. I think it’s too good to let die there, although still just an idea. Is it more than that? Who knows. I doubt it. The point is that if you apply your noggin to the issues at hand instead of retreading the same old stuff, you can see that there are more viable possibilities and therefore we really haven’t identified the unidentified objects/intelligence(s) or solved the unsolved mysteries no matter how right our “answers” feel.

The email dealt with someone’s belief that “the grays” are aliens and those aliens are cybernetic  organisms. This triggered the lightbulb because once again, with the term cybernetic organisms, we see an appeal to our modern sensibilities. These sensibilities are a mixture of where our science stands now + where we can envision it taking us in the immediate future.

Ever notice our proclivity to take this equation and apply it to the “alien” problem as a eureka moment? Coming out of our mouths it sounds like this: “Eureka! I’ve got it! The aliens are far in advance of us by thousands or perhaps millions of years! And by that I mean kinda how we see ourselves now mixed with futurist projections of where we’ll be in the next hundred years. That’s GOT to be it!”

No-no, you read that right. We sound like egomaniacal nut jobs. Gosh, why don’t they just land already?

So, that’s the setup that brought me to a new all-encompassing theory of the paranormal. Please… TRY THIS AT HOME, KIDS. Freeform pondering is much better for you than reading whatever UFO book you’ve got in your hand. (Daddy? What’s a book?)

I digress….

Ze Email Redux

Might they be staying a step ahead of our ability to convert imagination into reality to either guide us in a certain direction (which has been said before) — or stroking our egos so that we remain interested in them?

And what if all of the BLAAAAH! in-your-face-from-a-thousand-angles paranormal stuff isn’t so much different strokes to appeal to different folks as it is the tendrils that comprise this intelligence, like an octopus? Ghosts, bigfoot, aliens, faeries, demons, and so on… what if they are all expressions of the same thing not as facades but as actual, unalterable components of it? What if they appear on our side of the veil as multiple bodies, multiple intelligences–but that’s only because we can’t see what the tendrils are connected to? But the tendrils are real, you see? Not illusions. It must manifest here in these ways because, perhaps, that is how this reality shapes it, gives it form.

If Earth is Mother then all life on her could be seen as an extension of her, right? You wouldn’t call mammals, animals, insects, plants, and so forth trickster elements of this intelligence, would you? They simply are extensions of an intelligent Earth that exhibit their own sense of aliveness. Perhaps this enigma is a parallel world smearing into ours or perhaps it is a free-floating intelligence living in an etheric realm like a dream. Or something else entirely–not the point. The point is, through this analogy you can hopefully see what I’m driving at.

So then, if you study the enigma from its ufological perspective, it has to seem just attainable enough to keep you hooked. Hence, it gives humanity something we can imagine ourselves doing within a lifetime or two… yet somehow we still claim the aliens are thousands/millions of years in advance of us. Perhaps that projection of their smarts is a way for us to feel smart because in actuality, what they are presenting is old technology, by our standards, and technology just out of reach but almost here. And if you become an “abductee” you will have other psychic/ghost/crypto-creature phenomena in your life.

If you study it from, say, the ghost angle, it’s a similar unfolding, except there’s no need to think futuristically in the same way as UFOs. You build a gadget and the enigma responds to that gadget. Now you think you’re on to something. And the deeper you go the more liable you are to experience UFO/alien/psychic/crypto-whatever phenomena.

If the point of what we call “the facades” of the experience are to rope you in based on your interest or cultural filter, then there’s really no need to scare you with this other stuff you’re not interested in. You could argue that it’s to broaden your mind to other possibilities but I think there are better ways to do that than converting wonder and excitement about something you’re interested in to confusion and fear darting at you from all crazy angles. In other words, there is no reason for an abductee to experience ghosts or people living in a haunted house to experience UFOs and aliens unless they are aspects of one entity being observed, same as anything else we look at for too long.

And so, again, is it possible that these “facades” ARE the real faces of a singular intelligence that has little choice but expose you to all of its sides because you, the experiencer, the truth-seeker, want to know and engage all of it?

At least you think you do. Until this happens.

Circling back, perhaps what the enigma is ultimately guiding us to is contact on an equal basis. Now imagine what it really takes to get there. More than an open mind and a keen intellect, I suspect. More, even, than a standardized ethical code. Star Trek, this is not. And if there’s more to the Mother Earth analogy than I’m letting on… we’ve got some rearranging to do if we are to discover what a sane, wholly-realized human looks like. And that step must happen first.

Just a thought.